Anti Red Tape Act

Republic of the Philippines
Bohol Island State University
Main Campus
Tagbilaran City

Pursuant to Republic Act 9485: An Act to Improve Efficiency in the Delivery of Government Service to the Public by Reducing Bureaucratic Red Tape, Preventing Graft and Corruption, and Providing Penalties Thereof

I, Elano L. Bag-ao, Filipino, of legal age, Secretary of Bohol Island State University, being responsible and accountable in ensuring compliance with Section 6 of the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 and Rule IV of its Implementing Rules and Regulations, hereby declare and certify the following truths:

  1. The Bohol Island State University has established its service standards known as the Citizen’s Charter that enumerates the following;
    1. Vision and Mission of the Agency
    2. Frontline Services Offered
    3. Step-by-Step procedures in availing frontline services
    4. Employee responsible in each step
    5. Time needed to complete the procedure
    6. Amount of fees
    7. Required Documents
    8. Procedure of filing complaints
  2. The Citizen’s Charter is posted as information billboards in all offices of the Bohol Island State University that deliver frontline services.
  3. The Citizen’s Charter is positioned in the entrance of the office or at the most conspicuous place of all the said service offices.
  4. The Citizen’s Charter is written either in English, Filipino, or in the local dialect published as an information material.
  5. The Citizen’s Charter is uploaded in the agency’s website an accessible to the public.
  6. The Citizen’s Charter was first published in 2010 and underwent review and revision on (No Revision) as required under Section 4, Rule IV of the IRR: The office or agency shall review the Citizen’s Charter whenever necessary, but no less than once every two years
  7. The Citizen’s Charter already show shows the improvement that resulted from the process review of frontline service delivery specially:
    1. Reduced time in availing frontline services
    2. Streamlining of procedures and requirements of services
    3. Reduced complaints from clients availing services

This certification is being issued to attest the accuracy of all foregoing based on available records and information that can be verified.
IN WITNESS HEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand in this 28th of November, 2013 in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines.


Mr. Elano L. Bag-ao
Bohol Island State University


Dr. Dioscoro A. Avergonzado
OIC President
Bohol Island State University



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