Guidance and Counseling

Guidance and Counseling is an integral part of education which aims in providing opportunities for all students to learn and develop to their fullest potentials. To help students understand themselves and at the same time help the parents, teachers and administrators understand the learners, the GUIDANCE CENTER of the school provides the following services.



  1. Individual Inventory
    • Maintains records which utilizes information about the individual for the purpose of assisting the students.
    • Specific Objectives
      1. To gain necessary data about the students for record purposes.
      2. To provide teachers with information which enable them to understand better their students.
      3. To give information to the counselor for effective counseling.
      4. Identify students who have problems both in and outside school.
  2. Information Services
    • Disseminates information relevant to student’s life, career preparation, and personality development.
    • Specific Objectives
      1. To Orient the students about the school’s vission, mission, & goals, rules & regulations, curricular offerings, programs & other services.
      2. To provide the students with up-to-date information such as meetings, scholarships,job opportunities and other important activities.
      3. To give the students varied information in choosing career intelligently and arrive at a better decision when confronted with career problems.
      4. To give the students varied information in choosing career intelligently and arrive at a better decision when confronted with career problems.
  3. Counseling
    • Aims at the development of the students as unique individual and assists students in understanding themselves better. This maybe individual or group counseling.
    • Specific Objectives
      1. To assist the students in knowing, accepting and understanding themselves better as a unique individual.
      2. To assist students gain insights and find solutions in solving their own problems.
  4. Testing
    • This is used primarily in connnection with instructional purposes and like wise used for admission into the college, course specialization and personality assessment. This will help students for proper guidance.
    • Specific Objectives
      1. Assist students in discovering their capabilities,interest and attitudes.
      2. To help teachers appraise and understand the different personalities of their students.
      3. To have basis for conference with parents & teachers in the evaluation of the capabilities and accomplishment of students for proper guidance.
      4. To provide data for counseling interview
  5. Placement
    • Assists students in correct choice of major specialization and choice of school activities where they could be involved in. It establishes linkages with the industrial firms for job opportunities and On the job training.
    • Specific Objectives
      1. To assists in the classification of students in their course specialization.
      2. To assists graduates in job placements and other job opportunities as demanded by industries.
      3. To establish linkages with business firms and other government agencies for OJT placement & job opportunities.
      4. To assist students in various student assistance programs in the school.
  6. Follow-up
    • Concerned with what happens to the students while in schools and after they left school.This continued interest in the individual gives him a sense of satisfaction and helps him promote self-confidence.
    • Specific Objectives
      1. To inform the parents regarding the academic performance and behavior problems of students.
      2. To monitor the performance of referrals and counselees and assists them in making adequate personal & educational adjustment.
      3. To obtain information concerning needed improvement of the school programs, teachers’ performance/behavior and students.
      4. To conduct survey of whereabouts of graduates.
  7. Research & Evaluation
    • This service evaluates regularly the existing guidance services and determines the needs/concerns of students.Result usually serves as basis for improvement of the program activities to suit the needs of the students.
    • Specific Objectives
      1. To conduct studies that leads to the improvement of the education and guidance process.

The GUIDANCE CENTER through the support of the ADMINISTRATION envisions to implement these services in the future for the benefits of the students:

  1. Phone Counseling – this is convenient for those who feel uneasy to meet the counselor face to face.
  2. Freshmen Enhancement Program – this is a package of activities for freshmen designed to facilitate adjustment into college life ,enhance self awareness and develop basic skills in coping the rigors of college life.
  3. Career Tracking – this will monitor referrals and graduates thru online technologies.
  4. Peer Counseling – a group of responsible and trusted students will be trained in dealing with peers to be able for the friends with problem to open up.
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