Health Services

Medical & Dental Services


  • To promote and maintain healthy populace under safe working environment.
  • To conduct health education program to CVSCAT-TCC family.
  • To render continuing medical/dental care to maintain the health of the CVSCAFT-TCC community and effective referral system.


Services / Activities
  • Conducts health examination to qualified applicants to the college.
  • Conducts chairside instruction during consultation to increase knowledge of students,faculty and staff about common health problems.
  • Routine dental check up of students.

Students who are sick or who need medical assistance can avail themselves of the services of the medical/dental staff, free of charge.

Every student must be a member of the Student Medicare System who paid the membership fee shall be covered by medical aid within the school year in case of accidents occurring within the school campus during class hours or outside the school while undertaking school connected activities and in going to and from school or before and after class hours. The membership fee may increase from year to year as determined by the PTGEI Board.

Benefits derived when accident or sickness shall result in any of the following, the system shall pay for the maximum amount of:

Php 20.00 /per sem. Membership Fee (college Students)
Php 40.00 /sch. Year Membership Fee (for secondary)
Accidental Death Php 6,000.00
Accidental Loss of Limbs/Sight Php 3,750.00
Accidental Partial Loss of Limbs/Sight Php 3,375.00
Other Injuries Php 3,375.00
Natural Death Php 3,750.00
Hospitalization (22 days or more) Php 2,750.00
Hospitalization (15 days to 21 days) Php 2,375.00
Hospitalization (8 days to 14 days) Php 2,000.00
Hospitalization (3 days to 7 days) Php 1,625.00


Supporting documents needed for claims:
  • Medical Certificate/Death Certificate
  • Original Receipts of Medicines and other expense
  • SMS membership receipt
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