Student Services Program

The BISU Main Campus believes that the total development of the students is a big responsibility of the school. Students are our primary focus. To achieve this purpose, BISU-MC through SSP plans and manages student programs and activities aimed at broadening opportunities for the personal, social, intellectual and spiritual development of students.

  1. Processing, issuance and validating of student ID’s.
  2. Recognition of student organizations
  3. Issuance of ID and enrolment forms replacement.
  4. Coordinates with the Supreme Student Government in the implementation of activities,programs and projects.
  5. Coordinates with the health services in their health education programs and activities that would contribute to the total well-being of the students.
  6. Assisting students, teachers and parents gain insights and find solutions to their problems.
  7. Facilitates the Scholarship Program and monitors performance of grantees.
  8. Refers graduates for job opportunities.
  9. Maintains and sustains relationship with industries ,other government agencies and NGO’s for industrial linkages , job placements and goodwill.
  10. Facilitates educational and industrial tours of students.
  11. Follows-up referrals and graduates for monitoring purpose.
  12. Regulates and approves the posting of notices in the bulletin boards.
  13. Hears formal complaints of students’ conduct and recommends due process to the STUDENT DISCIPLINE ACTION COMMITTEE.
  14. Plans and conducts the entrance examination of new entrants to this school.
  15. Information Assistance


  1. Orientation program for New students and transferees.
  2. Supreme Student Government Election
  3. Oath taking and Acquaintance Party
  4. Campus Organization Seminar
  5. Christmas Program
  6. Leadership Training Seminar
  7. Educational and Industrial tours
  8. Career Program
  9. Workworld Orientation
  10. Industrial Experience Sharing Program
  11. Luncheon Meeting for Cooperating Agencies
  12. Recognition Rites
  13. Graduation Exercises
  14. Graduation Ball
  15. Job Fair


Student Affairs

Recognizing the importance of students, the STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICE is geared towards more empowered studentry through different activities and undertakings that they themselves initiate, plan and carry out.

This is a service office, in the sense that it serves and looks after the interests of students. SAO is the official communication link with the student body, administration and general public in matters concerning student welfare and development, student activities and student discipline.

General Objectives


  1. To provide opportunities for the student’s participation and involvement in the activities that enhance personal growth and development for greater social responsibility.
  2. To plan and carry out appropriate programs and services responsive to the needs of students.
  3. To encourage students to join & participate in organizations/clubs recognized by the school to foster their intellectual, cultural, spiritual, social & physical growth & development.


Services / Activities
  1. Processing & issuance of student IDs
  2. Recognition of student organizations
  3. Educational field trips/industrial tour
  4. Orientation Program
  5. Leadership Trainings
  6. Social Interactions
  7. Guidance & Counseling
  8. Health Service
  9. Recruitment & Placement
  10. Linkages with industries
  11. Job referrals
  12. Scholarship programs
  13. Lost & Found Assistance
  14. Information Assistance


Student Assistance Program

This program is designed to help the less fortunate but deserving students to be able them to pursue their education. Scholarship grants and all forms of financial assistance is awarded in accordance with pertinent rules and regulations.

Student Labor

– this program is designed to help any bonafide student of the school to work as student laborer, during free periods off-school hours during class days with a minimum rate of Ten Pesos per hour. They will work not more than 4 hours daily or 8 hours during Saturdays,Sundays and holidays. The student labor will be paid monthly and shall not work 100 hours/month within the schoolyear. Student laborers are assigned along the line of their course specialization except those who are assigned in the different offices and sanitary workers.


– grants-in-aids to deserving students in form of scholarship coming from non-profit organizations, private and government sectors are available in this college in accordance with the requirements set by the benefactors/sponsors.

Government Grants:


  1. Local Government Unit (LGU)
  2. Special Study Grant Program for Congressional Districts
  3. Dept. of Science & Technology (DOST)
  4. City Government of Tagbilaran
  5. CHED RSP (Regional Scholarship Program)
  6. G.S.I.S Scholarship Program
  7. Alay Lakad Scholarship Program
  8. Carlos P. Garcia Scholarship Program
  9. Citizens Battle Against Corruption
  10. CHED NSP (National State Scholarship Program


Private Grants:


  1. Boholanos of Las Vegas, Nevada
  2. Boholanos and Friends of Sydney, Australia
  3. Boholanos of Southern California (BSCI)
  4. Tagbilaran Asso of Southern California Inc. (TASCI)
  5. Alliance of Volunteer Educators (AVE)
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